Whoever you are, whatever are your philosophical & religious convictions, welcome on the website of Emmaüs community, Rent a Priest. Our twenty celebrants (w/m) are available for you to work out a very personal ceremony. We’re all moved by human & christian values. We are integrating this in our ceremonies without any kind of dogmatism. We find our Christian tradition important and we adapt it to your way of thinking.
We are looking forward meeting you.

How does it work ?

Please read all the info you can find on the website. You'll find the procedure, the opportunities and the price.

  • Talk about your choice for Emmaüs (Rent a Priest) with your family.
  • Fill in the application form.
  • The secretary will deal out the ceremonies to the celebrants.
  • Each celebrant has her/his own way of working out.
  • The celebrant is helping for the working out of the ceremony in a very personal way.
You choose & book your venue. At home or wherever. We celebrate in Belgium or abroad, in your language.