Birth or Baptism


A birth changes us deeply : celebrating a new life & welcoming children into this world. We let you the choice between a "birth celebration" or a baptism. Celebrating a child’s birth with family & friends in order to welcome a child into this world. We'll be looking together for texts, songs, symbols that could express our link with universal values.

During the baptism, we're ready to welcome someone in the universal family of christians. Our identity is catholic which means "universal". Everlasting symbols like water, fire and oil have their place thanks to everybody's creativity. The celebrant will deliver a baptism certificate that could be given to the parish for the first communion or confirmation.

Validity of the baptism certificate

Our ceremonies are acknowledged by the Roman Catholic Church. This has been confirmed by Rik Torfs (jurist, Canon law specialist & rector of Leuven university, KUL). This is what he wrote to parents: "Baptism is based upon articles 849 & 869 of Roman Catholic Church Canon law of 1983. The parish priest as well as the diocese can always reach me. Baptism is undissociable from adherence to the Roman Catholic Church”. (Interview at the VRT, Flemish public television) on June 14, 2012).

During a conversation with the bishop of Gent (Mgr Van Looy), Emmaüs asked: "Would you refuse communion to a child who would come to you ? “ His answer was clear: "No". The bishop of Antwerp, Mgr Bonny, declared after the family synod of october 2015 that he would never refuse communion to a child.

Some websites tell that our ceremonies wouldn't be valid neither licit. This isn't true. Whether a problem arises, we will solve it with you.

Belgian Bishop message about the baptism's validity in the Catholic Church.

There are still some parish priests who give false informations upon our ceremonies' validity. 

Priest Rik Devillé wrote to the Belgian bishops. Hereunder their answer. Actually, parents & children are generally welcomed with more comprehension & respect upon their private life.

It isn't right that a parish assistant, priest, teacher, catechist or principal could openly ask parents or children whether they're baptised or not. Moreover it isn't allowed to question publicly if parents are married or baptised. Legislation on private life isn't respected. 

When it happens, parents can complain upon the Commission of private life. ( rue de la presse 35 à 1000 Brussels).