Our story

Rent a Priest has been founded in Halle (Belgium) in 2000 by Rudi Borremans, André Brems & Norbert Bethune. Remains only Norbert. Thanks to his impulse the movement reached his current state. He’s the coordinator of Emmaüs Flanders – Rent a priest.

The purpose was never to found a new Church. The organization is rooted in the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church & wants to remain faithful.

The values we believe in are rooted in the ancient & new testament & in twenty centuries of Christian culture and others: unconditional love, responsability, justice, honesty, solidarity with poor, oppressed, voiceless people.

Emmaüs tries to exaltate the best within each of us. By emerging beauty, goodness, solidarity, gratitude, reconciliation, peace & happiness, we hope to become a seed for a better world.

Responding to the call for a renewal, the "aggiornamento" of Vatican II, the Church wants to look at the “signs of the times” & confirms the principles of a democratic society where everybody is equal.


We want to break free from the catholic authorities who are judging & holding dogmas.

We try to “exclude exclusion” & everybody is welcome. Our team is composed of ordained, non consacreted celebrants, women & men married or single. They’re all devoted.

Since 2013 we use the name of Emmaüs community because our celebrants are involved with the people who ask for them. And this is more than to be rented as a priest.

This name refers to the story of Emmaüs where 2 disciples go back discouraged to their village. A third man walks along & listen to their story. He clarifies everything & the disciples acknowledge Jesus when he’s sharing bread & wine. They are learning not to hide their hope for a better world. Jesus & his ideals aren’t dead as long as you get involved. A righteous world where there is bread & water for everybody. That’s our aim.