In every tradition & culture there are rites and symbols to get through different stages of life. A lot of people want more than only partying. A rite reinforces persons in fulfilling an important step.

Our organization has got different proposals:
A first communion is a clear statement at the age of 6 -7 years old. The confirmation takes place between 12 & 17 years old. These are sacrements.
For those who wish it, there is also the Growth blessing. It is precisely because we want to emphasize an important step in life that we propose this opportunity. During our first meeting, we explain the meaning of this "Growth blessing"and how we can work it out. It is also a way to let creativity blossom out.
During the first communion, we share bread & life in Jesus steps. This sign is very important for the Christians and the children experience through this their adherence to their family and friends. We'll work out a balanced and broad-minded ceremony.
Teenagers have already some life experience. They are leaving primary school and are looking for the next step. Life is blossoming out in every possible way. Confirmation is a "plus"for their life, a sign of the cross on their life path. We remind the baptism and give extra strength to it, thanks to a lively ceremony.
Our organization is more and more managing communions for a group of children. A lot of parishes are no longer organizing communions or confirmations. Sometimes the only parish organizing a communion is very distant. Many parents do not feel at ease in the way the ceremony is set up in their parish. We are helping out those who want a lively and open-minded celebration.


Our organisation is not subsidized as the Church or lay organisations. We must provide our needs. Therefore we ask:

+ transportation costs (0.35€/km)

For 2 children: 300€. Starting from the 3rd child: 30€ for every additional child.

Extras are possible like booklets, sound installation, candles,…

More pictures and insights in our work

You'll find various pics & texts through our google+ page. So you'll get a better look in our way of working.